Frontenac:  Very heavy producer of large clusters with small black berries.  Wine made from Frontenac has a pleasant cherry aroma with berry and plum.  This wine can either be a blush or a red depending on how it is fermented.

Kay Gray:  Produces medium to large white grapes.  These grapes create a wine with a mild foxy flavor.

Marechal Foch:  Has great disease tolerance.  This varietal produces short tight clusters that produce a fruity, light red table wine.

Leon Millot:  It has black grapes that are noted for producing a deep colored wine with a distinct berry aroma. 

Prairie Star:  Large clusters with medium sized berries. This varietal produces a neutral wine that has fullness in the mouth and finish.  It is a great blending component to add body and finish to thinner white wines.

Sabrevois:  The sugar content in this varietal is much lower than many.  The wine created has a pleasant berry-like fruitiness on the nose and mouth.

St. Pepin:  This is the only varietal we have that has imperfect flowers.  It makes medium-large clusters that create a fruity light wine. 

St. Croix:  Medium sized clusters with small berries.  This wine is dark red in color, but is light, and fruity.  This is a great red wine for the summer.

Swenson Red:  The grape is firm and meaty with unique fruity flavor that many people consider the best-flavored grape they’ve ever had. 

Swenson White:  White wines produced from Swenson White have been excellent, with a pronounced flowery nose and a long fruity finish. This varietal is a good candidate for ice wine. 

E.S. 6-16-30:  Clusters are medium size and the berries are a deep golden color when fully ripe.  The wine has been described as a bit austere, but with a delicate, flowery nose.

E.S. 10-18-30:  Shows extreme winter hardiness to -40 F.  Has small white clusters, wines have good body, acidity and a long finish.


*all varieties have been developed at the University of Minnesota.  They were created to have great cold tolerances (-30 to -40 F without damage).  Harvest for our grapes is between late September and early October.